The Buffalo World Naked Bike Ride is a 10-15 mile ride of people-powered transportation bringing awareness to oil addiction and the negative impacts of car culture. Our naked bodies will symbolize the vulnerability of cyclists on the roads. Come "as bare as you dare" to the Buffalo Underwear/Naked Ride and help us promote our vision of a cleaner, safer, body-positive world.

  1. Celebrate freedom from oil and the beauty of people! Less gas more ass! Burn fat not oil! Nude not crude!

  2. Drugs / Booze = Arrest

  3. Sometimes bystanders get grabby! Shy? Stay towards center, out of reach. Chivalrous? Guard our flanks.

  4. You're Responsible! Be prepared, stay alert, take care, help others.

  5. Obey police and thank them for their help. Goodies may target ticketing. Bare at your own risk.

  6. Participants must utilize person-powered wheels.

  7. NO PHOTOS in our before/after space. (except authorized photography) Assume that you will be photographed on ride.

  8. Arrive clothed & shoe'd and carry weather options.

  9. No glass! Recycle cans. Bring refillables.

  10. Leave no trace! Pick it up and pack it out!!


Meetup near Edward M. Cotter Fire Boat at 155 Ohio St. From there we will ride to the nearby undisclosed take off point.

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